About Us

Welcome to the home of Blue Mountain Bassmasters. We are affiliated with the PA Bass Federation and are centered around Allentown, PA. We have approximately 16 members and growing and are seeking new members with a passion for bass fishing and having fun. Each year, we typically have 8-9 club tournaments and 2 open buddy tournaments. Our tournaments are primarily in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with our 2 day tournament frequently in New York. These 2 day tournaments are not to be missed....a few days of laughter with friends....and of course fabuluous fishing. We fish a variety of water each year. Of our 8 club tournaments, we usually split the tournaments equally between large and small water. To become a member of Blue Mountain Bassmasters, you don't need to own a boat (if you do have a boat, great!). A non-boat owner(Rider) fishes in the back half of an Owner's boat! Interested in becoming a member. You simply need to :
  1. Attend 3 club meetings
  2. Fish in 2 club tournaments as our guest
  3. Get voted in of course!
  4. Pay Dues
Since Blue Mountain Bassmasters is affiliated with the PA Bass Federation, when joining Blue Mountain, you are joining several organizations at once.
  • Blue Mountain Bassmasters
  • PA Bass Federation (State) Link
  • The Bass Federaion (National organization) which provides many benefits.
  • ...and the FLW which includes a subcription to the FLW Bass Fishing Magazine.
For more information, Drop Us A Line!!